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Meet Aerial Imaging Productions

We love telling great stories through the use of drones and a host of other tools.  Whether you are selling a premiere ranch or building a skyscraper, producing a film/commercial or climbing a sheer rock cliff, test-driving a high-performance sports car or setting out on the journey of your lifetime. We have full-service production capabilities and a top-flight crew with expertise in editing, script development and a host of techniques, such as 3D Integrations, Geospatial Tours, Orthomosaics, and much more. All of these components add dimension to our work.

Our small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) are equipped with the latest hardware, including 4k video cameras, brushless motorized gimbals, and progressive software applications to get the shots and footage that full-sized helicopters and aircrafts cannot. A live video downlink allows our clients to view the camera’s point of view (POV) for the most efficient and validating experience.

While we specialize in premiere ranch and real estate films, we produce a wide variety of  video productions including high end corporate marketing projects, architecture and much more. We also shoot specialty footage for film and television production companies.

Based in Denver, Colorado, we’ve been wheels up since 2007 and are available for assignments worldwide.

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