Latest Ranch Marketing Video Featured in LA Times

AIP’s ranch marketing video has caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times!  The article, Billionaire’s ranch with ties to Lewis and Clark for sale in Montana, features an $18 million dollar historic cattle ranch that once served as the camp for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The property, known as PN Ranch, occupies more than 40,000 acres north of Winifred, Mont., where the Judith and Missouri rivers intersect. The ranch marketing video’s aerial footage captures each unique feature of this vast piece of land while catching the abundant wildlife that roam the property in action.

Not only does the ranch marketing video capture the beautiful landscape and majestic wildlife of PN Ranch, it also tells a story of the deep history of the land. Lewis and Clark made camp in 1805 at the junction of the Judith and Missouri rivers. The site became a prevalent hub for fur traders and paddle-boat traffic and was later used to establish the first military outpost in the Montana Territory in the late 1800s. The warehouse from the Judith Landing Mercantile Post, a log schoolhouse and a rambling frame house built in 1880 are among the historic structures that still remain on the property. The videography captures unique angles of each of these structures and leaves the viewers mind to wonder what life was like when they were built over 100 years ago!

After watching this video, you will indeed want take a step back in time and escape to Montana!

To read the article and watch video on LA Times click here.

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