Video Marketing at Work in Lucky Star Ranch Feature Film

Life is good on the Lucky Star Ranch and the video marketing in this feature film shows just why!  Aerial videography showcases this classic Texas ranch and detailed script writing tells of its storied past where 150 years ago Comanche Indians ranged the hills and pioneers cleared thickets famously described as forests of cast iron.  Using Geospatial touring, AIP is able to yield a birds-eye view of why this ranch is private and secluded, yet easy to reach. Take a look at the vision created in this film that shows how Lucky Star is within close proximity to world class amenities in Dallas/Fort Worth, as well as a short drive to the cutting horse capital of the world, Weatherford.  Through geographic overlays of Lake Bridgeport, potential buyers can see from the air just how the property is situated on this prime bass fishing lake in Texas.  Grand in size, Lucky Star has 2,476 acres of working land with fine equestrian facilities, fabulous recreational amenities, a boat doc, and excellent hunting and fishing. The limestone house and guest quarters are showcase beautiful, extremely private, spacious, livable and quintessentially Texan.  Nothing completes video marketing more than an authentic voice that matches the message, feel, and tone of the film.  Listen for yourself just how the voice-over narrator for this feature film gives it a finishing touch!  Whether working cattle, training cutting horses, hunting in the groves, fishing on the lake, or just watching the sun sink in the West at the end of a full day… is good here on the Lucky Star Ranch!

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