Willow Creek Ranch Marketing Video – The Finished Product!

The ranch marketing video for Willow Creek Ranch is now complete and it is loaded with features that AIP has to offer- aerial video, terrestrial video, Google Earth, professional script writing, detailed storytelling, and unique voiceovers (in this case a voice rich in cowboy tradition!). It remains our mission to truly showcase each property in a compelling, engaging and professional way.  Take time to view the video and discover why this rare property in Montana was such a pleasure to film. Continue helping us with our social media efforts by liking us on Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+, Twitter and sharing your feedback about our work.  Thank you to Hall and Hall for another opportunity to serve you. Enjoy!

Video Transcript:

All around are snowcapped peaks, and to the east, the crazy mountains, Willow Creek twists and turns through the green valley. The sandstone cliffs above Fairy Creek shine white in the sun. You will find Willow Creek a place of extraordinary beauty. More than 19,000 acres of pasture, forest, and hills. Seven miles wide and nine miles long.  Willow Creek Ranch is large, even by Montana standards, it’s also only five minutes away from Livingston, a favorite for artists and anglers. In a state where large ranches are notoriously remote, Willow Creek Ranch is one of the rare properties that is both large and well located.

North of interstate 90, Willow Creek Ranch encompasses 19,419 total acres. Willow Creek, in it’s three forks, travel through the ranch for a total of 14.7 miles, Fairy Creek runs through the ranch for 9.3 miles before it empties into the Yellowstone River. Livingston is just two miles from the ranch. Mission Field airport 5 miles east of Livingston has two jet capable runways. Bozeman and the entrance to Yellowstone are only an hour’s drive from the ranch.

Livingston is home to the International Federation of Fly-fishers museum and no wonder, South Western Montana is quite possibly the Valhalla of fly fishing. The legendary Yellowstone River is one of the greatest fly-fishing rivers in the lower 48 states flows through Livingston. World class spring creek fishers, also are just minutes from Willow Creek Ranch. The north fork, south fork, and middle fork, converge below the ridge to form the main strand of the creek. Good sized trout are common here.

The elevation on the ranch rises from 4500 feet to 6900 feet above sea level on the slopes of the ridge. Most of the ranch is just native range land. The ranch currently supports 600 animals, with 260 acres of irrigated meadow, and 900 dry land acres planted in wheat. More than 10 miles of irrigations ditches feed the meadows.

Willow Creek Ranch, which lies at the southern reach of the Yellowstone-Yukon migratory route is easily one of the better Elk Hunting ranches in Montana. Elk also spend fall and winter on the ranch. The current owner uses limited grazing practices which support the native grasses. The game has been managed to create a high quality hunting experiences.

The ranch headquarters at the southeastern quarter of the property includes corrals, sheds, grain bins, and a scale house. Houses for the manager and staff are near the headquarters. The main house, with a large horse barn, sits in the middle of a valley with stunning views of the ridge and the Crazy Mountains. Built in the early 1900s, the house was meticulously renovated under the guise of a local architect.

The Crow Indians knew this place, William Clark explored it, hunters, trappers, and ranchers came here. The railroad arrived and Livingston grew up, but, over the ridge and out of sight, the land remains as it has always been, a land of extraordinary beauty and promise, the Willow Creek Ranch.

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