We recently did an interview regarding Aerial Video & Privacy with ABC 7 in Denver

With a push toward regulations as to where aerial video can be shot, and how we have to obtain permissions, ABC 7 in Denver allowed us to weigh in on the debate over privacy, and about how we deal with the current situations regarding privacy. As the article states…

The team at Aerial Imaging Productions in Aurora has set up its own code of conduct.  Employees ask for permission at locations even though technically they don’t always have to do so. The company maintains a fleet of the small aircraft used in commercial and private video production.  “The burden is on us to maintain it, make sure safety’s first and not violating anyone’s rights,” said business manager Jeffrey Buerger. The company welcomes the potential regulation, wondering why it hasn’t happened sooner. “Regulations are critical, I think,  because there’s companies out there making these real easy to get your hands on,” said photographer Matt Dunn. “We don’t want the public to be afraid of this technology,” said Dunn.

A larger number of people are getting access to these drones and it has definite consequences for privacy when we don’t make sure that we respect each and everybody’s privacy. We currently make sure we have permission from the property owner regardless of the legality of shooting there. However, some people with these new devices, don’t, and I think that is where common sense legislation, like limiting the locations you can shoot without permission, and banning all aerial video on private land without permission, as well as making the owner print their full name, address, and phone number on the drone to help with enforcement to make sure that people’s privacy is respected.

To read the full article by Marc Stewart at ABC 7 over the implications of aerial video to privacy, click here.

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