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Big Day in Court!

Judge rules in favor of Pirker in FAA v. Raphael Pirker. This is exceptional news for our industry. We get calls about legality from time to time and this new ruling today is a big weight off our shoulders and that of our new and current clients. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/commercial-drones-are-completely-legal-a-federal-judge-ruled

The Great Western Ranch

This project was truly a labor of love. After spending several days on this ranch, we couldn’t help but develop a strong connection to the land, its creatures and the history that is the Great Western Ranch. Thank you for taking the time to view this video that we are very proud to present! Playback […]

The Great Western Ranch (teaser video)

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you our latest video, presenting The Great Western Ranch (teaser video)! We had quite the adventure capturing this massive and gorgeous ranch! This is just a teaser and it’s loaded. We probably could’ve turned out 5 completely different versions and we’d be just as proud of each […]

Zeb + Nina

Here’s a short teaser we put together for this couple. Yes, we did a wedding this year. Nothing new to our seasoned videographer, Matt Dunn, who has a long history of producing wedding videos. Matt and team had a great time capturing this beautiful day at Arrowhead Country Club! We’ll share the longer version upon […]

Cottonwood Springs Ranch

This ranch located minutes outside of Durango, Colorado is truly exquisite and was awesome spending a couple of days in this paradise of a property. You’ll notice there are 3 videos here. We usually produce a teaser video, or two for various promotional needs. Then produce a complete “feature” video as we like to call […]