Latest Ranch Marketing Video Featured in LA Times

AIP’s ranch marketing video has caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times!  The article, Billionaire’s ranch with ties to Lewis and Clark for sale in Montana, features an $18 million dollar historic cattle ranch that once served as the camp for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The property, known as PN Ranch, occupies more than 40,000 acres north of Winifred, Mont., where the Judith and Missouri rivers intersect. The ranch marketing video’s aerial footage captures each unique feature of this vast piece of land while catching the abundant wildlife that roam the property in action.

Not only does the ranch marketing video capture the beautiful landscape and majestic wildlife of PN Ranch, it also tells a story of the deep history of the land. Lewis and Clark made camp in 1805 at the junction of the Judith and Missouri rivers. The site became a prevalent hub for fur traders and paddle-boat traffic and was later used to establish the first military outpost in the Montana Territory in the late 1800s. The warehouse from the Judith Landing Mercantile Post, a log schoolhouse and a rambling frame house built in 1880 are among the historic structures that still remain on the property. The videography captures unique angles of each of these structures and leaves the viewers mind to wonder what life was like when they were built over 100 years ago!

After watching this video, you will indeed want take a step back in time and escape to Montana!

To read the article and watch video on LA Times click here.

Willow Creek Ranch (teaser)

Willow Creek Ranch is the third Montana Ranch video we produced for Hall and Hall. What a beautiful place to work for a few days. We had a breathtaking experience traversing and capturing this majestic property near Livingston, MT. It would be great to come back during the rut season. This place gets loaded with elk!

This ranch marketing teaser video will provide a glimpse of more to come with the feature video. Thanks for watching!

Jane Fonda’s Forked Lightning Ranch

We are pleased to release Jane Fonda’s Forked Lightning Ranch southeast of Santa Fe, N.M. Thanks to Swan Land Company for this opportunity. We feel this feature video truly showcases the property in a compelling, engaging and professional way. At Aerial Imaging Productions we are all about story telling and capturing the essence and emotion of all of our projects. This video demonstrates many different services we provide including aerial video, terrestrial video, Google Earth, professional voiceover (in this case, by Ms Fonda herself), professional script writing, and detailed storytelling editing. We sincerely hope you enjoy watching this video and genuinely appreciate all the support we can get. Please help us with our social media efforts by liking us on Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+, Twitter. Please share your feedback about our work! Cheers!

Ranch Marketing Video of IX Ranch

The IX Ranch, adjacent to the town of Big Sandy, Montana, is easily one of the most beautiful and diverse ranches we’ve filmed thus far.   “A target rich environment”  (common production term) was uttered several times while we were there.  Rolling hills as green as Ireland on one side and wide open prairie and fields on the other.  We even captured a branding session!  We hope you enjoy the beauty and romance pouring out of this piece! Hard not to fall in love with Montana!

The listing can be found HERE

Ranch Marketing Video of PN Ranch

We’ve had the pleasure to spend time in Big Sky country to film a ranch marketing video of PN Ranch in Winifred, Montana.  Wow, Montana is beautiful and full of history!  Did you know that Lewis and Clark set up camp on this site in 1805! Fifty-one years later it became the first military post in Montana Territory, providing a base of commerce for fur traders and riverboats.  PN Ranch also represents one of the oldest working cattle ranches in Montana.  As you will see in the video, PN Ranch is a remote, scenic, and wild operating cattle ranch that has played an important role in the history books of Montana.

The ranch marketing video of PN Ranch will give you a taste of the beauty and history that we saw first hand!  We hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the first of many more videos to come for Hall and Hall.

American Adventure Expeditions

We had more fun than you could shake a paddle at with American Adventure Expeditions! This production was a true test to what we can achieve and the team at AAE was so awesome to work with! We had a blast and I think these videos will prove it! Enjoy watching the first ever aerial rafting videos! “Forward Three!”…with two more on the way! 🙂

Colorado Whitewater rafting aerial videos on the Arkansas River.

Forked Lightning Ranch teaser

Introducing Jane Fonda’s Forked Lightning Ranch!  It was a privilege to spend time on such a beautiful piece of property with a very fascinating story behind it (which will come out in the feature video). Thanks for watching!

AIP Wins Best Company Promotional Video

On May 16th, the National Auctioneers Association, in association with USA Today, announced that Aerial Imaging Productions has placed first in the Company Promotional Video Category. Founded in 1949, the National Auctioneers Association is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to professional auctioneers, serving the interests of thousands of auctioneers around the globe. As such, recognition by the National Auctioneer Association is a huge honor, and with over 870 entries placed in the Company Promotional Video category alone, it is an extremely competitive competition that truly encompasses not only the best of the best in the world of aerial videography, but also videography in general.

The AIP Advantage in Company Promotional Videos

This award winning video was made for our client Hall & Hall Auctions and it showcases some of the biggest auctions they’ve hosted, as well as the many advantages of choosing Hall & Hall. In addition, by interlacing aerial video in with shots of the auctions, we can make the video dynamic and engaging to the viewer, while not appearing choppy or over edited. Our ability to do all aspects of a video, from the process of shooting it, to choosing music, narration, and editing, as well as our unique capabilities with our state of the art aerial video technology and vast experience with company promotional videos, allow for us to provide a quick and seamless service to all of our clients, no matter how big the project.

Zeb + Nina Wedding Video Highlights

Just finished the highlight wedding video for Zeb & Nina. Thank you, you two for being so fantastic to work with! The love and laughter between you and your family and friends made our job very easy! Cheers to your new life together!

Elk River Ranch teaser

Teaser Video: Beautiful fall colors on the pristine Elk River Ranch in Steamboat Springs, CO.