AIP Wins Best Company Promotional Video

On May 16th, the National Auctioneers Association, in association with USA Today, announced that Aerial Imaging Productions has placed first in the Company Promotional Video Category. Founded in 1949, the National Auctioneers Association is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to professional auctioneers, serving the interests of thousands of auctioneers around the globe. As such, recognition by the National Auctioneer Association is a huge honor, and with over 870 entries placed in the Company Promotional Video category alone, it is an extremely competitive competition that truly encompasses not only the best of the best in the world of aerial videography, but also videography in general.

The AIP Advantage in Company Promotional Videos

This award winning video was made for our client Hall & Hall Auctions and it showcases some of the biggest auctions they’ve hosted, as well as the many advantages of choosing Hall & Hall. In addition, by interlacing aerial video in with shots of the auctions, we can make the video dynamic and engaging to the viewer, while not appearing choppy or over edited. Our ability to do all aspects of a video, from the process of shooting it, to choosing music, narration, and editing, as well as our unique capabilities with our state of the art aerial video technology and vast experience with company promotional videos, allow for us to provide a quick and seamless service to all of our clients, no matter how big the project.

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